Nature's Earthly Choice


Nature's Earthly Choice offers a variety of packaged grains that are delicious, healthy and easy-to-prepare. The company recently announced new grain mixes that are ready to serve in just 15 minutes!

People around the world are adding whole grains to their diet as studies show they can help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases including stroke, diabetes and digestive cancers. Additional benefits of whole grains include overall well-being, weight loss and nutritional value. Nature's Earthly Choice is rich in fiber, protein, iron and amino acids. Many of the products offered by Nature's Earthly Choice are certified Gluten-free.

More than 20 items from Nature's Earthly Choice are available to order from the following categories:

• Organic Grains- Quinoa, Farro
• All Natural Grains- Wheat Berries, Rice, Chia
• Easy Quinoa
• Quinoa Falafel
• Farotto
• Quinoa Pasta

Nature's Earthly Choice was recognized in 2012 by Men's Health Magazine for their Quinoa being one of the healthy choices for men!

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