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PROBAR rebrands packaging

The bar set is ever growing, and even familiar brands are looking to change up their looks in order to stay competitive. Today snack company PROBAR announced a rebrand of its packaging, the first major change for the brand in seven years.

Sold in over thousands of stores, including CVS, Publix, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger and Albertson’s, PROBAR produces meal replacement bars, protein bars, chilled bars, nut butters and energy chews. Last year the company brought on CPG veteran Matt Fuller as President. Fuller previously was CEO of Bare Foods before selling that brand to VMG in 2014 as well as CEO of Two Mom’s in the Raw, which he transitioned over to the brand Soul Sprout.

Fuller told NOSH the PROBAR packaging change was needed in order to create unified brand messaging and attract new shoppers. The brand’s products are available in the bar set, fresh snacking set, nut butter category and supplement set, each with slightly different looks. As a result consumers were confused as to which product to consume when or if they were even made by the same company.  less


Good Karma honored

Good Karma Foods’ Flaxmilk Omega-3 + Protein Lunchbox Carton has been honored with the 2018 Delicious Living Magazine best bite award, the Boulder-based brand taking home the award for Best Kid’s Product.


Check out the F'lint Roller

It's hard to get excited over a lint roller, you say? Just wait until your pet-owning family and friends try out this puppy. The PEOPLE Pets editor tried the Flint Lint Roller in the office, (you should see our fur-covered selves every day)

Every time I cover an awards show for Extra!I pick up new style tricks from celebrities, stylists and my co-hosts... Flint is an adorable lint roller that will fit in even the tiniest clutch. The old-school lint roller has just been reinvented.


Announcing Nature's Earthly Choice

We are pleased to announce that Nature's Earthly Choice is now available for international export exclusively through Magnolia Trading!

Nature's Earthly Choice offers a variety of packaged grains that are delicious, healthy and easy-to-prepare. The company recently announced new grain mixes that are... more


Seventh Generation Ranked #1

In a recent article by Environmental Leader (Environmental & Energy Management News), Seventh Generation was ranked number one out of the top ten green brands in the United States. For more information, click here.


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